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About Us

We are The Spanish Inquisition, the official Robotics competition team for the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science.  As a team, we compete in two major competitions every year: the FIRST Technology Challenge and the FIRST Robotics Competition. Our goal is to apply what we learn in the classroom – programming, electrical and mecanical engineering, and robotics – in a fun, learning environment that helps to encourage Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math across our campus and into our community.

We are still officially a rookie team, but that has not stopped us from trying our hardest to product a robot of high enough quality to wear the ASMS brand. We placed third at our first ever FTC Qualifying Match and earned the prestigious Innovate award for our efforts in the design of our robot. As a result, we will be attending the Florida State Championship and February. We are also excited to compete in our first FRC Qualifying Match in Louisiana come March and we will begin working hard on that robot following the end of our much anticipated Christmas break.